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We're now on a mission to find sustainable solutions that hold great potential for addressing problems plaguing children in areas of crisis and economic need. Our approach is to empower locals who want to make a difference in the lives of children in their communities.

We're passionate about seeing every child thrive in a safe, healthy family. It's the heartbeat of our mission.

We will journey to wherever we are invited, looking to connect with existing small, local organizations that already do wonders in their communities, but are requesting help in order to increase their impact with children in need.

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Our part in this is still donor-fueled. While our volunteer talent cover their own costs to partner and deliver services, our core program support, scouting, partner-building and communication need monthly donors to keep us moving forward.

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    Although we've been on the scene since 2006, we've changed quite a bit.

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"Everyone gives, everyone learns and receives.
It is reciprocal, sustainable...it truly is 'fair trade' at a personal level!"

-- Alan Kearns, founder of Career Joy, Ottawa, Canada