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Care for Susu


Life, Hope and Freedom


Freedom Restoration Project (FRP) focuses on empowering women and children who experience domestic violence through services and programs designed to promote safety and a network of support. FRP has encountered countless women shared their sense of despair and hopelessness. They expressed how they feel stuck in their own homes, living with a partner who does not give them respite. Yet, in spite of the frequent and various forms of abuse the women suffered, most of them are not ready or financially able to leave their abusive relationships.


Sia is the founder of Freedom Restoration Project on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, where she has been working with women & children since 2007. Her team promotes safety for victims of domestic violence and through their work, they've identified a missing piece: 


Providing a safe place for victims to find support before they can leave. When domestic violence is an accepted part of culture, independence is extremely difficult for mothers in poverty. 

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