Freedom Restoration Project

Meeting people where they are.

Life is hard. Sometimes even unbearable for those on the margins of society.

Families barely making enough money to feed and house their children. Women and children on the receiving end of abuse by relatives who are out of options and desperate for solutions. The constant threat of police harassment or deportation for a population largely composed of stateless individuals, who have no claim to any personal rights.

There is hope.

In this mess of human suffering, struggles often manifest themselves in abuse and neglect. If unaddressed, these situations can result in depression, anxiety, relationship problems and long-term development issues. Access to mental health services in this border region is very sparse. Where help is available, it is often not offered in the Burmese language. Freedom Restoration Project exists to fill some of these gaps.

Freedom Restoration Project

Sia is a Thai national who helped launch Compasio in Mae Sot. Her passion to help those oppressed by injustice has led to the launch of her own counseling program in the region. After earning her Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of California, she returned to Mae Sot because of the incredible need for counseling services. She now works with women and children who are facing domestic violence, exploitation or simply dealing with the struggles of daily life. Sia meets them where they are to help them make wise life choices.

Support Sia and the Freedom Restoration Project as she helps bring hope and restoration to lives broken by injustice.

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