Family-Based Alternative Care

Giving every child a family.

Even with the best efforts and intentions, some families are unable to provide a safe and healthy environment for their children. For children whose family of origin is not in their best interest, our team pursues family-based alternative care options.

Continuum of Care

The continuum of care serves as a guide for identifying a permanent living arrangement for a child. It is based on a child's best interest of staying as close to his/her family of origin, culture and identity as is safe and healthy. Although care options situated closer to the 'family' end of the continuum are always preferable to those on the 'institutional' side, each child faces unique challenges which must be carefully considered before a final choice is made.

1 immediate family

Child lives with immediate family

2 relative

Child lives with relative (i.e.: grandparent, aunt/uncle)

3 non-blood relative within community

Child lives with non-blood relative within community of origin

4 non-blood relative outside community

Child lives with non-blood relative outside community of origin

5 domestic adoption

Domestic adoption

6 independent living

Independent living for older children, supported by community

7 small group home

Small group home (5-10 children)

8 large group home

Large group home (10+ children)

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What about international adoption?

International adoption is an incredibly beautiful way to extend love to a child facing an uncertain future. It is, however, a process that should be undertaken with caution.

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