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Friends Of Children Circle Uganda


A Story of Love, Courage and Hope

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The Street Kids of Gulu

Jackie, the founder of FOCC is moved by her personal experience of watching a family member return from the streets, forever changed. She knows first hand what can happen when children find themselves trying to survive in the city without protection and positive influence.

Gulu is a region that gained globally notoriety in years past as the region where Joseph Kony founder of The Lords Resistance Army (LRA) began by preyed on vulnerable children and recruiting them as child-soldiers. While the LRA moved away years ago, the issues of young people without role models, family and security remain. 

Jackie and her volunteers venture out onto these streets to show love and acceptance in a practical way, making brothers and sisters of each child they meet on the streets of Gulu.

Friends of Children Circle (FOCC) Uganda is a Community Faith-Based Organization which looks after the needs of vulnerable children in and around Gulu, Uganda.  Founded in 2018, it is a registered non-profit organization operating and became Compasio Program Partner in 2021. 

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