Our Approach

We find, qualify and build capacity into inspiring, community-based, child-protection partners

...so that every child can thrive in a healthy family

Empowering others begins with asking what it is that they need to succeed on their own. It does not involve taking over, nor does it create dependency, financial or otherwise.

True partnership is not lopsided. It is a reciprocal relationship and recognizes that everyone can give, and everyone can learn. We create these empowering partnerships with existing works of compassion and invite you to play a part.

Heart BadgeOur local partners:

  • champion the rights of vulnerable children and families.
  • are locally-led
  • work with a low budget
  • are underrepresented
  • are comitted to best practice
  • are lacking critical professional input to accomplish their mission

They are selected based on their values, focus and potential for impact.

Our volunteers:

  • have significant experience in their chosen field of expertise
  • hold related education credentials
  • are committed to Compasio's values
  • care deeply about the rights of vulnerable children and families
  • have completed Compasio's field-prep training

You are one half of the answer

Your skills and expertise could be an exact match for the needs of a world-changing organization.

Get Involved

    Heart BadgeThis could be your story!

    Terry Lipovski, Ottawa Consultant:

    Communications expert registered in Compasio’s database as available for communications insight -- he coaches TED Speakers -- and leadership development. Available for up to two weeks of international travel, also wants to do remote mentoring.


    Tinita Mbega, Tanzania:

    Runs a small, local group where single mothers are given work while a daycare enables their small children to learn at the same time. She has no website, no business plan, no funding, no systems in place. No one outside of a small circle has heard of her, but she is AMAZING at what she does and is respected in her community. She is requesting help in communications, systems development (spreadsheets) and child development training.

What Others Are Saying

"Everyone gives, everyone learns and receives.
It is reciprocal, sustainable...it truly is 'fair trade' at a personal level!"

-- Alan Kearns, founder of Career Joy, Ottawa, Canada