Our Approach

Holistic child protection begins and ends with a strong family.

Strong families are children’s best line of defence against abuse, trafficking and institutionalization. They also provide the best environment for children to grow into healthy, responsible adults.

Here’s how we work to give children the best chance possible:


We prevent crisis by strengthening families with the resources and support they need to keep their children.

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We protect children who have suffered abuse, trafficking or abandonment.

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We find family-based alternatives for children who cannot return to their family of origin.

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We provide child protection training to communities and to organizations working in places where education and resources are extremely limited.

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We've been there.

While an orphanage might seem like the best solution for children who have been abused or abandoned, taking a child out of a family environment can actually cause more trauma and create a lifetime of increased vulnerability. Unfortunately, due to lacking social services in developing countries, it often seems to be the only option.

We found ourselves facing this dilemma in 2012. After rescuing children from abusive situations, was there a better solution than placing them in a children's home? It turns out there was.

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Our world is changing.

Our message is part of a global shift in thinking.

Orphanages worldwide are closing their doors as governments
begin to recognize the potential harm of institutional care.

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