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Sharon's Story

I met Sharon while working with John and Rehum last January. Her graciousness and gratitude impressed me considering her circumstances.

Since that time there has been increasing concern, for the safety of her and her two girls, particularly with the types of people that have been hanging around the area.

They need to move to safety and the sooner the better. Recently, this little family was gifted a small piece of property in a safer area, just enough space to build a simple and inexpensive mud-brick house. since then, she has been collecting scrap bricks from construction sites to go towards a house and a small gift from a donors has allowed more bricks to be hand dug, dried and fired in preparation for building. We would love to have a house built for her sooner than later. The full cost of building a little house and water reservoir is around $2900. So far, $350 has been raised.

Sharon and her girls.

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