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Building Better Child Advocates
Program Partners that are...​

  • Committed to protecting the rights of vulnerable children and families and to doing so through best practices.

  • Locally-led, community-based and able to legally register as a CBO their government.

  • Looking to provide their current and future Canadian and US based donors a way to give.

  • Open to an initial in-person review, then ongoing mentorship, capacity building and monitoring through Compasio.

  • Committed to integrity, accountability and a willingness to continuous improvement in order to grow a healthy organization and accomplish their mission.

Capacity Builders who ...​

  • Care deeply about the rights of vulnerable children and families

  • Are Compasio staff or skilled volunteers matched to a program partner they can help.

  • Have experience in their chosen field of expertise

  • Hold related education credentials

  • Are committed to Compasio's values

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