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The Issues



Poverty is so much more than a lack of money. It is a multi-dimensional issue depriving children of essential nutrition, health, education and shelter.


Every day, children are trafficked by criminals who prey on impoverished families, enticing them with empty promises of lucrative work or educational opportunities for their children.


Children living in families facing immense external pressure and a lack of support are more likely to suffer abuse or neglect, and it is much less likely to be reported.


Millions of children are living in orphanages without the love of a family. Over 80% of them have biological relatives who would love to care for them if they had the means to do so.

How can I help?

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You may not have a background in community development or hold a degree in trauma counselling. And yet, you may have the precise skills needed to empower those who do.

Grassroots efforts are already effecting incredible change for children worldwide. These small organizations have a deep understanding of the issues facing their community and the solutions needed for lasting change. BUT they operate within the constraints of a tiny budget and often lack some of the expertise needed to make a maximum impact on their community.

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