The Problem

In places where injustice thrives, children are the most vulnerable.


Children living in families facing immense external pressure and a lack of support are more likely to suffer abuse or neglect, and it is much less likely to be reported.

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Every day, children are trafficked by criminals who prey on impoverished families, enticing them with empty promises of lucrative work or educational opportunities for their children.

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Millions of children are living in orphanages without the love of a family. Over 80% of them have biological relatives who would love to care for them if they had the means to do so.

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To the brain, there's no difference.

Abuse, trafficking and institutionalization cause trauma to a child and are interconnected.

  • Children who grow up in an abusive home are much more vulnerable to trafficking and institutionalization.
  • Children abandoned or given over to an orphanage at a young age are more vulnerable to trafficking and abuse.
  • Corrupt orphanages recruit and traffic children away from families to turn a profit from unsuspecting tourists. (Details)
  • Child trafficking victims are abused and often end up in a private or government institution.

Bottom line: If we want to protect children, we have to tackle all three issues.

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